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New Arts Programs for Chicago Public Schools


Reggi HopkinsThere has been a lot of change in schools today.  Curriculums have been reevaluated, focuses changed, anything that be done to possibly better the students’ education is looked at.  However, in many schools, areas of education are being neglected.  Some of these areas include languages, arts and music.  A recent event in Chicago aims to change that.

The National Guild for Community Arts Education, an organization dedicated to education through creativity and the arts within community settings, held their annual meeting in Chicago on October 31.  This meeting is not just a one-day deal.  Over four days, the upwards of 500 individuals who will be a part of the meeting will discuss ways of increasing art instruction in schools- an area that they have recently seen lacking.

The meeting will center its focus on Chicago’s new arts education plan, which will ensure all forms of learning through the arts are incorporated into classrooms.  One of the contributors to the construction of this new arts education program for the public schools of Chicago is Paul Sznewajs.  He feels that, although more funding is needed to bring the program to its fullest potential, the future looks very positive for these schools.  “We have the potential of more time the school day for arts education.” Sznewajs says.  That, combined with community support, will help this new initiative to thrive.

It is always exciting to see the Chicago’s people coming together for a greater good.  This new art plan, along with all of the incredible community and organizational support, has the ability to make big changes within these schools and educate children in a creative, constructive manner.  It will be wonderful to see the growth and development of this arts education within Chicago Schools.


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