Reggi Hopkins has more than 26 years of professional development, management, and operational experience working in a variety of different industries including education, arts and entertainment, music, real estate, small business development/marketing, and social/mobile/web design.

He has dedicated most of his life to educating and empowering others. As a consummate entrepreneur Hopkins is constantly seeking new and exciting ways to leverage his passion for people, technology, arts, and education.  Growing up in the woods, Hopkins also is very passionate about nature and respecting our environment.  He has worked on numerous projects and events directed toward environment preservation.  As an animal lover, he has also contributed to numerous causes focused on animal rights and protection.

He is also the director of the Music Industry Workshop, a leading training program for music business and director of Music Tech Workshop, a leading training program for music production, and technology. Founded in 1997, MIW and MIW provide hands-on training and access to Chicago’s music community. As Executive Director of Music Industry Workshop and Music Tech Workshop, Reggi Hopkins oversees the strategic direction and execution of both the MIW and MIT mission.  He plays a key role in the marketing and sales strategies of both programs and contributes to the the design and implementation of all of curriculum, lesson plans, and training activities for both workshops.


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