Plan for Animal Abuse Registry to Protect Pets

Reggi Hopkins’ Blog Post

Reggi HopkinsAnimal abuse is a cause that often goes unnoticed.  Thankfully, animal rights groups are working to change this and make people aware of animal cruelty and abuse.  A California animal rights organization is working on putting together a database that will cover the entire nation in order to protect animals from vicious, abusive owners.

This project is looking to create an official “Animal Abuse Registry,” which would ensure that anyone convicted of animal cruelty would be forced to register with criminal justice services, thus prevent them from ever owning pets.  This system would also send out alerts to the general public as well as law enforcement as to where these registered animal abusers live, along with give animal shelters the ability to screen anyone who may be looking to adopt a pet for any past charges against animals.

The goal of the animal legal defense fund is to make people aware of animal cruelty and welfare, and to bring this issue into the light.  However, a good number of states are concerned with the costliness of creating this database.

As far as animal shelters are concerned, this registry would be of great assistance to them.  They want to find homes for the animals at their shelter, but they want to be sure the animal will be getting the proper love and care they need. Diane Lammerts, the director of operations at The Animal Foundation, says they often see terribly sad cases of unwanted animals neglected or turned lose, which often leads to them getting hit by cars.

This animal abuse registry would not only prevent pets from going to unsuitable homes, but would also allow others to easily report abusive behavior and have it taken care of by authorities.  Hopefully this registry takes hold and begins to grow across the U.S.  A lot of innocent animals could survive and enjoy their lives by way of this protective measures program.

via Reggi Hopkins: Animal Rights Activist and Environmentalist


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