Effective Interviewing for the Employer

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Reggi HopkinsHiring employees is a difficult process.  You are assessing a person on whether or not they would be a good person to work at your business in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour, when, if they get the job, you and your coworkers will be spending much more time than that with them.  More recently, employers have been realizing that hiring someone who fits their ideal employee perfectly on paper is not always the best decision.  Focusing solely on the skills of an individual can be a big mistake when hiring.  Skills are important, yes, but they do not automatically make a perfect employee.  One is also looking for employees who work well with others, are high in productivity and much more.

This is why it is important to have good questions ready when you sit down to interview a potential employee.  If you are asking someone to interview, you already know that their skill set is a match for what you are looking for.  You have already reviewed their resume, letters of recommendation, and any other documentation you may have required.  The interview is the true test of whether or not this person will be a cohesive component of your business.  In order to find this out, it is important to go about the interview the right way.

  1. Make the Questions Open-Ended-  Ask about how they have dealt with confrontations or any issues in their previous area of employment.  If the examples they give are all centered on how they could do no wrong or always had the best way or knew better than their boss, chances are this person will not be able to work very well in a setting that is already well established and functioning well.  This type of attitude indicates they do not take direction well and may cost you more time and energy than they’re worth.
  2. Multiple Interviews- Have other people in your business interview them.  Getting a few opinions on a potential employee can help a lot, especially if you will not necessarily be working directly with them.  Someone already in the department they are looking to join may be able to offer better advice on how they would fit in.
  3. Reference Check the Right Way- When getting in touch with previous employers or coworkers about a potential hire, be sure to ask about them as a person- how they operate in an office setting, what their attitude is like, etc.  These “soft skills,” can give you a good idea of how this person really is.

These three tips can help employers give better interviews and thus hire and retain better employees that can help build and develop their business.

via Reggi Hopkins: Entrepreneurship and Business Development http://reggihopkinsmusic.com/2013/11/21/effective-interviewing-for-the-employer/


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