Women in the Music Industry are Making Some Noise!

Blog Post by Reggi Hopkins

Reggi HopkinsChicago has always been a force in the music industry.  Countless independent record labels, pop-up venues, and popular record stores have been a strong foundation for artists looking to make it, and Chicago is always looking to support and promote its own artists.

Lately though, which may come as a surprise, is the number of strong female artists up-and-coming on the Chicago music scene.  Record labels, music stores, and various other music-related businesses are being run by females in Chicago.

The director of “Girls Rock! Chicago,” which is a music camp for young girls ages 8-16 is directed by Melissa Oglesby, and is meant to teach girls to express themselves creatively, trust their instincts, boost their self esteem and make them aware of their community needs by way of rock music.  Oglesby says the program is incredible in that these young girls uplift one another and are able to find themselves as musicians and as individuals.  Not only that but they area also given female role models by way of their camp counselors, who teach them music and mentor them.

Melissa Oglesby acknowledges that the music industry can be a tough place for young women to get involved in, but through programs like Girls Rock, young women are able to come together and learn from one another- learn music, learn strength and learn to collaborate with one another.

With a bunch of strong women in the community, such as Nan Warshaw, the co-owner of bloodshot records, Kelly Nothing, of Animal Kingdom (an up-and coming music venue), and Heather West, the owner of Western Publicity, the women of the Chicago music scene are a force to be reckoned with.  They are driving the business today, and in the future we can only expect to see these women continue to develop and grow the industry.

via Reggi Hopkins Music Page http://reggihopkins.org/2013/11/20/women-in-the-music-industry-are-making-some-noise/


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