Dash Delivers Success

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Its not everyday that you can stare into your garage and see something that could bring in revenue of up to $4.6 million dollars.  Thats essentially what Phil Dumontet did.  It’s never easy when starting your own business and Phil Dumontet succeeded with flying colors.  Phil started a company called Dashed, a food-delivery service, upon graduating from Boston College.

It’s very admirable to go for it when he already had something more concrete set up.  What I mean by this is he had a contract to work with AT&T, an established company where he knows he will receive a paycheck at the end of the day, and he passed on AT&T and went on his own to pursue his own business where there is no guarantee he gets paid.  It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to really get your own business moving and he did…with his bike.

People today need to look for opportunities more closely.  It’s one thing to check on monster.com or LinkedIn but another to do your own research.  Phil noticed a delivery service in the Boston area that went under.  He saw an opportunity.

Phil took his mountain bike and turned it into a company, Dashed.  You have to see the value in what you own.  Not everybody looks at a bicycle and sees money, but Phil did.  He wanted to specialize in speedy service.  In cities, a car can be hard to park so Phil looked elsewhere.  He did what many people might not do, he thought smaller.  He turned to bikes and scooters.  Bikes and scooters are easier to park when making deliveries in a city.  People care about a speedy service.  They want their hot food while its still hot.  Phil’s plan delivers on that.

His company has done so well that it has expanded to four more cities: Providence, Philadelphia, Hoboken, and Baltimore.  You have to admire Phil for his hustle.  To put a delivery service at the young age of 26 in five different cities is remarkable.  He’s had an unbelievable 2,984% growth in a three year span.  You have to really stay on your toes and recognize a need.  With a lot of demand coming from colleges in Connecticut, Phil plans to expand there this year.

Overall, Phil Dumontet has done something remarkable.  He turned down guaranteed money to start his own business with his mountain bike.  It ultimately paid off in the end for him as he’s now further growing his business which brings in millions in revenue.

via Reggi Hopkins: Entrepreneurship and Business Development http://reggihopkinsmusic.com/2013/10/24/dash-delivers-success/


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