Sustainable Initiatives at Colleges

Reggi Hopkins’ Blog Post

The Harvey Mudd College has launched a major sustainability initiative.  What Harvey Mudd College is doing is eliminating the use of toxins on campus and turning to InstaFlow.  InstaFlow is a compact, intuitive device, providing highly-effective cleaning and sanitizing solutions.  This movement is aimed to reduce the college’s carbon footprint and save tens of thousands of dollars through InstaFlow.

A lot of cleaning products on campus are changing to products produced by GenEon Technologies Engineered Smart Water.  The Smart Water is created through a technology that converts natural minerals and water into a safe, non-toxic cleaner and sanitizer.  This cleaner is proven to be 80 to 200 times more effective than chlorine bleach.  In addition to this product, InstaFlow will provide Harvey Mudd College with non-toxic glass cleaner and a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser that perform like traditional products but without harmful side effects.

The initiative does three things for the college.  First, it positively impacts the environment.  Many schools and communities are “going green” in an effort to help save the environment from all of its pollutants.  Secondly, it decreases chemical exposure to students and faculty.  By cleaning up the school in such a way, it gives off a more fresh and inviting look that makes students and faculty want to come to school.  Lastly, it saves the college money.  A college has a lot of expenses it incurs, from staff to facilities to maintenance.  With extra money in its pocket, the school can allocate more money to other areas that need to be addressed or that they want to improve.

Harvey Mudd College has a great reputation.  Located just 35 miles from Los Angeles, California, the college is recognized as one of the country’s top math, science, and engineering undergraduate colleges.  The school, as attractive as it already is to prospective students, only makes it reputation greater by launching this initiative.  With more money for the school to spend, look for the college to become even more reputable in the near future.

via Reggi Hopkins: Animal Rights Activist and Environmentalist


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