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Dash Delivers Success

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Its not everyday that you can stare into your garage and see something that could bring in revenue of up to $4.6 million dollars.  Thats essentially what Phil Dumontet did.  It’s never easy when starting your own business and Phil Dumontet succeeded with flying colors.  Phil started a company called Dashed, a food-delivery service, upon graduating from Boston College.

It’s very admirable to go for it when he already had something more concrete set up.  What I mean by this is he had a contract to work with AT&T, an established company where he knows he will receive a paycheck at the end of the day, and he passed on AT&T and went on his own to pursue his own business where there is no guarantee he gets paid.  It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedication to really get your own business moving and he did…with his bike.

People today need to look for opportunities more closely.  It’s one thing to check on or LinkedIn but another to do your own research.  Phil noticed a delivery service in the Boston area that went under.  He saw an opportunity.

Phil took his mountain bike and turned it into a company, Dashed.  You have to see the value in what you own.  Not everybody looks at a bicycle and sees money, but Phil did.  He wanted to specialize in speedy service.  In cities, a car can be hard to park so Phil looked elsewhere.  He did what many people might not do, he thought smaller.  He turned to bikes and scooters.  Bikes and scooters are easier to park when making deliveries in a city.  People care about a speedy service.  They want their hot food while its still hot.  Phil’s plan delivers on that.

His company has done so well that it has expanded to four more cities: Providence, Philadelphia, Hoboken, and Baltimore.  You have to admire Phil for his hustle.  To put a delivery service at the young age of 26 in five different cities is remarkable.  He’s had an unbelievable 2,984% growth in a three year span.  You have to really stay on your toes and recognize a need.  With a lot of demand coming from colleges in Connecticut, Phil plans to expand there this year.

Overall, Phil Dumontet has done something remarkable.  He turned down guaranteed money to start his own business with his mountain bike.  It ultimately paid off in the end for him as he’s now further growing his business which brings in millions in revenue.

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Sustainable Initiatives at Colleges

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The Harvey Mudd College has launched a major sustainability initiative.  What Harvey Mudd College is doing is eliminating the use of toxins on campus and turning to InstaFlow.  InstaFlow is a compact, intuitive device, providing highly-effective cleaning and sanitizing solutions.  This movement is aimed to reduce the college’s carbon footprint and save tens of thousands of dollars through InstaFlow.

A lot of cleaning products on campus are changing to products produced by GenEon Technologies Engineered Smart Water.  The Smart Water is created through a technology that converts natural minerals and water into a safe, non-toxic cleaner and sanitizer.  This cleaner is proven to be 80 to 200 times more effective than chlorine bleach.  In addition to this product, InstaFlow will provide Harvey Mudd College with non-toxic glass cleaner and a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser that perform like traditional products but without harmful side effects.

The initiative does three things for the college.  First, it positively impacts the environment.  Many schools and communities are “going green” in an effort to help save the environment from all of its pollutants.  Secondly, it decreases chemical exposure to students and faculty.  By cleaning up the school in such a way, it gives off a more fresh and inviting look that makes students and faculty want to come to school.  Lastly, it saves the college money.  A college has a lot of expenses it incurs, from staff to facilities to maintenance.  With extra money in its pocket, the school can allocate more money to other areas that need to be addressed or that they want to improve.

Harvey Mudd College has a great reputation.  Located just 35 miles from Los Angeles, California, the college is recognized as one of the country’s top math, science, and engineering undergraduate colleges.  The school, as attractive as it already is to prospective students, only makes it reputation greater by launching this initiative.  With more money for the school to spend, look for the college to become even more reputable in the near future.

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Universal Music Groups’ New Innovative Business Plan

Universal Music Group may have its hands on the next great business idea.  With YouTube bringing you hits like Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, UMG is now looking to capitalize on those songs.  UMG wants to begin a new label, All Def Music, to market and promote these internet sensations.

This is a brilliant move by UMG.  If you YouTube Gangnam Style, you will find many different varieties of the video all of which having millions of views.  The Harlem Shake trend had millions of teams, offices, universities, kitchens, etc. providing their own rendition of the video and putting it on YouTube for millions of people to check out.  YouTube is the number one video site that users go to, and UMG is at the forefront of turning in those views for dollars.

Many of these YouTube stars know what they are doing, putting themselves out there to gain exposure.  Hoping some talent agent who they can’t find, finds them.  UMG is trying to get into a potential gold mine and they will need to do it with the right team.  I believe they are set up for a bright future with the team they have assembled.  UMG is working with Russell Simmons, veteran hip-hop exec Steve Rifkind, and the founder of children’s YouTube Network AwesomenessTV Brian Robbins.

Many people think that to rely on YouTube sensations may be a huge risk, but UMG goes beyond just YouTube stars.  They focus on emerging artists as well.  One of their clients is Spoken Reasons, who has more than 1.3 million YouTube Subscribers.  Other more established artists they work with are British singer Alex Day and British bass-music brand UFK.

The fact that YouTube is known globally is a huge asset to UMG.  It essentially cuts down on their talent search in terms of attending shows across the country or visiting another country to see an artist play.  From one remote location on the planet, they are able to identify a potential client from millions of miles away for as long as they have uploaded their video to YouTube.

Overall, Universal Music Group has the potential to explode as a new record label.  With YouTube being a great outlet to reach musicians, the possibilities for UMG are endless.  I think the label has brought on some great leaders in Russell Simmons, Steve Rifkind, and Brian Robbins to help steer this label in the correct direction.  At any moment, the next Gangnam Style video can be upon us, and I think UMG will capitalize on it.

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Technology Improvements Help Africa to Stay Connected

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For many who don’t know, the country of Africa struggles to keep its population online connected to the internet.  Many of us take the internet for granted today using it with our cell phones, tablets, or laptops.  In Africa, if you’re not in the center of a major city, you may have to travel tens of kilometers to the nearest internet facility.  Microsoft believes it can help through the use of TV white space that has since been dropped by television users with the recent migration from analogue to digital.  I believe this is a brilliant idea by Microsoft to help a continent try to stay connected through the use of an idle entity.

Microsoft plans to launch this initiative in October in Limpopo, one of the country’s poorest regions.  This is a great move on Microsoft’s part.  We all know Microsoft to be such a powerhouse in North America, but with its reach out to Limpopo, it shows that the company through all its fortune is willing to help those in need.  There’s actually a university located in Limpopo that struggles to get its students connected to the internet, which is vital to students to complete assignments, projects, and get in touch with professors and other students.

Microsoft is not the only American company to help the people of Africa.  In March, Google launched a similar project to help the schools in Cape Town, Africa.

Now there is another way of looking at this.  Mark Graham, director of research at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute, raises a point.  He believes that while Microsoft is helping people get connected, there are people in Africa in need of other resources ahead of the internet.  He points out that schools are still without electricity, toilets, teachers, and textbooks.  While I believe Mark raises a great point, I think those needs are out of Microsofts reach.  It’s great in itself that Microsoft has decided to step up and try this initiative out for Limpopo but they should not by any means feel obligated to have to try to provide these people with textbooks and teachers.  That’s something another company or group of people should step up and try to provide if they wanted to.

Overall, I believe this a great PR move for Microsoft.  Not only are  they helping those in need in Africa, but they’re also doing it rather inexpensively.  Through the use of TV white space, just one broadcast station covers ten kilometers in any direction.  It’s cheap, efficient, and great press for Microsoft.

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Reggi Hopkins’ New Blog Post

First test post for Reggi Hopkins

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